Only 12 out of 23 Korean Crypto Exchanges Pass Probe – Inspector Under Fire

Regulation The self-regulatory inspection of South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges is complete. Fourteen out of 23 exchanges agreed to be inspected.[…]

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Censorship, Bans, and ETH Scams: Twitter Suspends Bitmain’s Official Account

News This week the Twitter handle @Bitmaintech was locked down because Twitter administrators claimed the account belongs to a 4-year-old.[…]

Read more Reverts Back to ‘Fast’ and ‘Low Fee’ Descriptions on Front Page

News This week after a few months of controversy, the owners of reverted its descriptions about what Bitcoin is[…]

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Our Love and Hate Relationship with Bitcoin Miners

Mining It’s coming close to a decade since the creation of the bitcoin network and the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The protocol[…]

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South Korean Prime Minister Imposes Crypto Code of Conduct on Government Officials

Regulation The South Korean prime minister has ordered a new code of conduct to be prepared and implemented specifically to[…]

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Despite Regulations, One South Korean Crypto Exchange Rises to the Global Top

Featured Amid regulatory uncertainty, South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit has grown rapidly, offering 121 cryptocurrencies and over 200 trading pairs.[…]

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Major Korean Crypto Exchange Upbit at Center of Regulatory Controversy

Economy & Regulation The South Korean cryptocurrency exchange affiliated with Kakao Talk has recently become the center of regulatory controversy.[…]

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