This Week in Bitcoin: Smooth Bitcoin Cash Upgrade, BCH and BTC Tax Payments in Florida

The Weekly A notable week for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – the network successfully upgraded the blockchain protocol by extending the[…]

Read more Reverts Back to ‘Fast’ and ‘Low Fee’ Descriptions on Front Page

News This week after a few months of controversy, the owners of reverted its descriptions about what Bitcoin is[…]

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Five Reasons Why Bitcoin Cash is About to Win Big

Op-Ed Cryptocurrency markets have started to rebound in value as the spring begins in 2018, but one particular cryptocurrency —[…]

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Former Core Developer Mike Hearn Returns for Some Bitcoin Cash Q&A

News On April 5 the former bitcoin core developer Mike Hearn came back to do an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) on the[…]

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The 2018 Satoshi’s Vision Conference Heads to Japan

Conferences After the successful ‘Satoshi’s Vision Conference’ held in San Francisco in 2016, and last year’s ‘The Future of Bitcoin’[…]

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